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  1. Trading Channels


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    The stock channels are made of thousands of stocks from worldwide exchanges. 



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    The blockchain technology has the power to drastically change the way we do business and make even global transactions faster and more seamless. Don't miss the train and start trading coins, DeFi assets, NFTs and fan tokens. 



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    Major world Indexes channel. 


    Futures, commodities. grains, energy, precious metals and bonds.


    Curated lists to get you started in your supply and demand market research.

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  2. Learning Resources

    Read the supply and demand basics to know what an imbalance is and how to plan a trade. The basics do not cover the core strategy rules. The course is only available to those that enrol on the coaching program. 

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    Find all kind tutorials related to trading. You can also upload your own tutorials.

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    Ask your questions here. Doubts about the core trading strategy will only be answered to members that have purchased the core strategy course.


    Do you have any questions unrelated to the rules? Contact us using this form.

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    • If anyone is curious about why he or she would bother trading options instead of buying stocks I suggest to watch this little video here.   Basically options allow you to: 1) Trade with much less capital then simply by buying stocks 2) Short SZ with fixed limited risk. 3) Capture much more $$$ for the same move because you're using leverage. Options trading is by no way an easy thing to do but it's well worth looking into if you haven't done this already.
    • Still learning... Once I finish the mentorship I will participate 🙂
    • This is the result of my TradeStation scan, filtering out most liquid US stocks that are good for options play. Although there are a lot of different stocks with options not many of those are liquid enough to be traded. Those below have decent spreads as well as volume and open interest.  Optionable Stocks WWW.TRADINGVIEW.COM BHG, HAL, AA, AAL, AAPL, ABBV, ABNB, ACB, ACWI, ADBE, AEM, AFRM, AG, AGNC, AI, ALLY, AMAT, AMC, AMD, AMZN, APA, AR, ARKK, ASHR, ASTS...  Enjoy!
    • This is my first post in the club, I'd like to welcome everyone who trades options using Alfonso's S&F style. Feel free to share your ideas, strategies and discuss everything in the forum!
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