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Crypto Spot Calculator

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The crypto risk and investment calculator will calculate the number of coins you can buy (without leverage) based on the distance between the proximal and the distal lines. A default 25% padding is added to the stop loss.

The market price of the selected crypt can be update automatically if the "auto refresh" checkbox is ticked. This is useful when you are planning to place a market order and the imbalance is already in control.

  1. Proximal line (entry).
  2. Distal line.
  3. Width of the imbalance.
  4. Stop loss padding. 25% by default
  5. Balance (Risk) This will be the total USDT you will have at risk.

The calculation will display:

  • The number of coins you can buy.
  • The total investment to risk the amount specified in the balance (risk) field.

This tool are only available to memberships that include the crypto channels.

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